“What is All Kinds of Spaces?”

Well, it’s a resource focused on positivity, power, and professionalism. Growing up, I didn’t have many role models that looked like me.  So, this blog is dedicated to learning how to navigate the workforce as a young professional. I created the blog series Wisdom of Working Women because I recognized the lack of realistic advice from tangible role models. As a woman of color, how do I relate to the Bill Gates of the world? The answer is simple, I don’t. Through this series, I have been able to educate women in leadership positions on the gap between where they are and where we are.

Before rebranding as positive, powerful, and professional, I created your typical pop-culture content focused on beauty, relationships, and fashion. Soon after I realized I wasn’t offering anything original and valuable. Now, I can proudly state that I am creating meaningful content with a purpose.

So this is for you, me, and anyone who needs it because this is All Kinds Of Spaces.

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