How I Wake Up Early & Work Out @ 8 AM

The end of February is approaching and your new years resolution of working out more is holding on by a thread. Just like you, I have my mornings where I roll over, hit snooze, and head back to bed. And guess what? Skipping a workout is completely normal and OK. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to get back on track or how to start, here are some personal tips I’ve learned through trial and error.

1. Plan the night before. Remember when you were in 3rd grade and your mom planned your outfits for you? Planning for the morning before its here is a perfect way to ensure a great start to your day. I noticed that if I pack my gym bag the night before I have less to do in my sleepy state which makes me more inclined to hop out of bed and rush out the door. In my gym bag I include headphones, a lock, a water bottle, and lip  balm.

2. Place the alarm as far away as possible. This tip is for those people who hit snooze more often than they hit the gym. If you place your phone across the room then in the morning you are required to get off your lazy butt and turn it off. Challenge yourself to not press snooze when your alarm goes off, given it is much easier said than done. According to Lifehacker, hitting snooze on your alarm is likely to make you more tired because your body starts its sleep cycle all over again.

3. Turn on the lights! Letting some natural (or artificial) light in can make all the difference.

4. Try to workout with a friend. If you have to cancel on someone in the morning you’re more inclined to go through with it. My morning workout routines are almost always with a friend. Gym buddies are great motivation and companions.

5. Try to look forward to something in the morning. For some people this means a pre-workout shake, listening to their favorite music playlist, or listening to an audible book. I enjoy listening to an audible book as I get ready for the gym. I also listen to audible during my ride to the gym.

The most essential tip is will power. Let’s be real, you can follow my tips but what it comes down to is you. Aside from the health benefits, exercise also increases productivity. I like morning work outs because once 9:30 am rolls around I have already had a productive start to the day. Productive people wake up earlier. If you want to accomplish anything this year start by waking up earlier, even better if you incorporate a morning workout.

An alternative to a gym membership is at home workouts. A Youtuber that has inspired my healthier and happier life journey is Sam Ozkural. Sam has a variety of at home workouts inspired by famous celebrities like Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. Sam also does “eating like (insert celeb name) for a day.” Becoming happier and healthier doesn’t have to be a chore. If you think working out and eating healthy sucks, well then guess what, it’s gonna suck.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”- Zig Ziglar


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