Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Picture this, it’s a Friday night and you’re bored at home. Do you happen to live within train distance of New York? Well look no further, if you’re up for the trip take yourself down to VR World.

Here are three reasons why VR world should be your next destination: VR world has over 40+ simulations, actual decent pricing, and great customer service.

First and foremost, let’s clarify what is VR World. Think of VR World NYC as a real-life video game. You put on a headset and suddenly you are in an entirely different reality, a virtual one to be specific. You are presented with an animated environment of your choice.

Moving on to the variety of simulations, VR World definitely has your cup of tea. If you’re into anything with guns and gor you’ll be busy trying to survive against zombie attackers.  Maybe guns and gor aren’t your thing, head over to the 3D painting simulation. You’ve never painted with fire or snowflakes? Really?? Even I have. Do you want something more challenging? Try rock climbing except without the harness. VR World also has a variety of multiplayer games. Do you want to spend the afternoon drag racing? Maybe fighting against a robot apocalypse is more your thing. Don’t think of VR World as any old arcade but a real life adventure. VR World turns fantasy into reality.

VR World has A M A Z I N G prices. Remember VR World has over 40 simulations that can each last between five and twenty minutes. VR World is one of a kind. You may find a few smaller VR specializing places in Brooklyn but they charge by the minute. I participated in seven different simulations in two hours with zero to no wait time. For only $39 you can spend two hours doing the unimaginable.

Lastly but certainly not least is the superb customer service of VR World. The staff is friendly and prepared to begin games and guide you as you play. If you’re going to swing by definitely consider a week day as the vibe is more intimate. You will be able to take your time and enjoy everything VR World has to offer.

If my words can’t convince you maybe seeing it for yourself will.

Thumbnail is courtesy of https://www.nycgo.com/attractions/vr-world-nyc



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