My Space ft. Dorm Life

“My dorm is too big.” said no one ever. Dorm life can be challenging, between trying to find a theme and sticking to it or squeezing everything into your dorm room. Here’s how I did it the 2nd time around.

  1. Theme. Honestly, buy items on the cheaper side related to your theme because 9/10 times it’s going to be different next year. Last year I chose a navy blue and white comforter, this year I chose a sky blue. Also, decorative pillows are important but don’t buy a $30 pillow because at the end of the night its going to end up on the floor.  Dorm room floors tend to not be the nicest so rugs are not only great for masking the old scratched tiles but for filling the empty space. IMG_6212-1
  2. S T O R A G E. Let me tell you college dorm rooms can be small as hell. Anything you can use for storage you better take advantage of. I have a plastic container with shelves and it is my best friend. I also bought this thing that I honestly do not know what to call, it basically holds my flat iron, hairdryer, makeup brushes, and cotton swabs. Be as efficient as possible when storing items because trust me you will run out of room.IMG_6216-1
  3. Personalize. If you love super heroes deck your wall out with some posters. If flowers are your cup of tea buy some fake ones to place in your room. Personally, I love sunflowers. Thus, my water color sunflower tapestry was a must. You can honestly never go wrong with string lights. Now imagine pictures of your loved ones and string lights in one?! I know it is amazing. IMG_6214-1IMG_6213-1
  4. Do-It-Yourself. Sweat, tie dye, and wet socks were a part of the making of my lovely tie dye comforter. I bought a white comforter and followed the steps on the tie dye box. I will say it was not easy whatsoever but I do love the final product. My jewelry box (the thumbnail) is another creation of mine, all it took was an old cigar box and lots of magazine cut outs. Make your dorm room your home because you will be spending ALOT of time there. IMG_6215-1I hope my experience can help make dorm life a little easier for you. Goodluck.

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