Wisdom of Working Women ft. Jackie Post

Let me guess, you feel like you have your entire life ahead of you but at the same time you should've figured your shit out yesterday. You know who knows exactly how you feel? Jackie Brousseau Post. Like you, she soon realized, the "real world" is a completely different ball game.

Wisdom of Working Women ft. Maria Emma

Have you ever felt powerless as if the whole world is against you? As someone who doesn't have it all figured out, (like most of you), I asked Maria a few questions about her career, success, and challenges she faced; take a look-

3 Must-Try Celeb Workouts

Summer is upon us and your summer body might not be where you want to be. Whether you're putting in work at the gym or at home, spice up your routine with workouts from these ladies! (Even if the last time you worked out was jogging to the pizza delivery car.) Do you want a... Continue Reading →

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